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Enjoy your flowers longer

The alstroemeria ia a long-lasting flower, so you can delights your customers with it! We deliver according to customer specifications. You can order directly via Floriday or by emailing verkoop@tesselaar-alstroemeria.nl. We can supply the basic: stems in barrels but also upgrade: ready-made stickered bunches in black buckets for the shop floor. This way, consumers can enjoy a fresh bunch of flowers even sooner! Our complete assortment can be viewed here.


Tesselaar Alstroemeria is certified for: MPS-A, MPS Gap, MPS Socially Qualified and MPS Product Proof. Our MPS number is 600915. You can read more about the significance of these certificates on www.volgjebloemofplant.nl. We have also calculated the environmental footprint of each product.


We like to help our customers make the supply chain shorter and quicker, so that consumer can enjoy our alstroemerias for longer! Please contact us for an introductory session.