Our Ecological Footprint

Since 2016 we have been calculating our ecological footprint using the Ecochain application. We use this application to learn more about our impact on the environment and how we can improve our processes. We are also eagerly looking for collaborations with trading partners in order to introduce improvements together. Every gram reduction in CO₂ is a profit, and we believe together we can be more effective!  

Did you know? The alstroemeria is a flower that prefers a cold soil temprature and an average heat, which is why we don't have to heat our greenhouses to a high temperature. Moreover, the alstroemeria is a flower that requires less light than other cut flowers.

The alstroemeria is not very susceptible to disease/viruses, which means that almost all pest control can be done ecologically.


The production process of the alstroemeria is still mainly done by humans. We want our employees to feel at home in our company. Together we can ensure a beautiful product. Training is an important part of this, but also organising fun activities together. Curious about our vacancies?  We are always looking for motivated people.)

As a company, we are eager to contribute to events and organisations in our local area and within our network. Often by sponsoring flowers, but also through collaborations to familiarise potential consumers with our products. A win-win situation! 

Tesselaar Alstroemeria is an active player in the sector, and is represented on various boards at Royal Flora Holland and the Alstroemeria product group. This not only allows us to identify developments in the market and how to respond to them, but also contribute to improvements in the sector.



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