Tesselaar Alstroemeria is a practical and down-to-earth company, together we cultivate our flowers, and we do this with great passion! Are you goal-oriented, efficient and do you enjoy an active job? Then working at Tesselaar is the perfect job for you. We are always happy to receive open applications. Do you have any questions about our company? Please feel free to contact us.

The alstroemeria is grown year round. The flower is harvested and processed six days a week. This means that we have many people working in the greenhouse and production halls. During the peak period (summer) we hire temporary workers, the majority of our employees are permanent employees. 

To work together in a pleasant way and harvest our flowers efficiently, we employ various people for the supporting processes. HR, sales, purchasing, marketing and the manager and operational director. 

Why working at Tesselaar is so much fun:
  • You work in teams
  • You contribute to the delivery of colorful flowers
  • You have development opportunities
  • It is a practical company: we do the work together