Tesselaar Alstroemeria annually produces more than 36 million stems under 10 hectares of glass. Our different types of alstroemerias are grown at three locations. We supply wholesalers, retailers, supermarkets and have our own cash-and-carry. Our method of delivery can be completely coordinated with the customer.


Tesselaar Alstroemeria started in Luttelgeest in 1989 with two hectares of greenhouses. Today the company is managed by Rick & Karolien Tesselaar. The company now consists of three different locations totaling ten hectares, making it the largest alstroemeria greenhouse in Europe.

We have our own unique approach to business, always with the aim of making people happy with our flowers: both by cultivating the alstroemeria and enjoying the flower in a vase! And for our environment by continuously challenging ourselves to grow more sustainably with less impact on the environment.


In 2020 we invested in two bunching machines. These allow all flowers to be bunched in a uniform manner. By means of X-ray photos, the machine recognises the exact sorting, after which different orders can be created. We are constantly looking for improvements to make our work more efficient and fun.


The Sales Team

  • Flowers available all year round in all colours.
  • Tailor-made products: individual sleeves, boxes, black buckets
  • Socially committed
  • CO₂ footprint calculated for all flowers
  • MPS certified
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