Tesselaar Alstroemeria wants to make people happy with the ground-breaking alstroemeria. The company in Luttelgeest has been around for over 30 years and therefore has a lot of product knowledge. With the entrepreneurship of Rick & Karolien they are constantly looking for new  ways to sell sustainably grown alstroemerias. 

Family business Tesselaar Alstroemeria, with 10 hectares of greenhouse, is the largest alstroemeria grower in Europe. Divided over 3 greenhouses, more than 36 million stems are grown annually. Rick Tesselaar took over the company, which started in 1989, from his father and is now at the helm with his wife Karolien. Operational director Joost Mohlmann is in charge of general management. Rick: ' I am mainly committed to new projects, innovations in the company and new customers.' 

Karolien: ' The alstroemeria is a flower that deserves some explanation: compared to other cut flowers, it is more sustainable due to lower temperatures in the greenhouse, less lightning and extensive use of biological control. We have been calculating the environmental footprint of flowers since 2016 because we believe that there are always issues we can do better. I am therefore committed to making our company more sustainable and spreading the story about our alstroemeria.

Working with passion is what Team Tesselaar does every day. With 80 employees, the flowers are producted and picked by hand. The automatic bunching machine makes the bunches according to the requirements of the customers. This concerns the number of stems and the method of packaging. Sometimes we also lable the bunches according to the style of the client. We go far for our clients, we even made bouquets with 3 varieties, ready to place on the shop immediately. 

The alstroemeria is a surprising flower that shows its true splendor in the vase. Tesselaar offers various varieties under brand names: Alstro Lux, Alstro Elegance and Alstro Special. This makes the alstroemeria of Tesselaar the right choice for everyone. 


We are genuinely committed to sustainability, it is not a matter of having to, but of wanting to. We want to deliver beautiful flowers without having a negative impact on the environment. We are continuously looking for ways to improve but we strive to produce 100% organic grown alstroemerias. You will notice that in our company, our covers have been made of 100% recycled plastic since 2022 and we are always making our purchasing more sustainable. But the behavior of ourselves and our employees is especially important in becoming more sustainable.  

Distinctively unique

We have our own unique approach to business, the transition to 4 brands will allow us to serve our diverse customers even better in 2024. It is clearly visible to the customer which type of flower suits him. We think creatively and innovatively in our business choices. That is why we consider ourselves distinctively unique and we encourage this in our team. Developing people and working together with pleasure each day on beautiful flowers means that we are involved in the company and the product together. This requires continuous investment, but also gives us a lot of fun. You can find us on social media, but we also like to enter into partnerships with florists, wholesalers and industry organizations. Together we ensure that our sector becomes more sustainable and that our flower becomes known to our customers. 



  • Flowers available all year round in all colours.
  • Tailor-made products: individual sleeves, boxes, black buckets
  • A lot of knowledge about the alstroemeria
  • CO₂ footprint calculated for all flowers
  • MPS certified
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