Tesselaar Alstroemeria produces more than 36 million stems yearly under 10 hectares of glass. The different types of alstroemerias are grown at 3 locations. We deliver to wholesalers, retailers, supermarkets and we have a cash & carry. The method of delivery is determined with the customer.
We distinguish ourselves by providing customization to the customer: number of stems, thicknesses and length per bunch, with or without cover, labeled with the customer's price label, on buckets, in a box et cetera. Even send the bundled bunches in boxes directly to the shops so they can be placed in the store directly and the customer can enjoy a fresh bunch of flowers with a long vase life even earlier!

Tesselaar Alstroemeria is certified for: MPS Florimark, MPS-A, MPS Gap, MPS Socially Qualified, MPS Quality and MPS Product Proof. Our MPS number is 600915, you can see what these certificates mean via www.volgjebloemofplant.nl. Since 2016, we have also been calculating our ecological footprint using the Ecochain application. We are a member of Benefits of Nature to ensure that the floriculture sector looks for new solutions and partnerships to reduce the burden on the environment. We find it important to have a standard for footprint calculation, therefore we support foundation Benefits of Nature and are board member of this foundation.

We like to think along with our customers to make the chain shorter and faster, so that the consumer can enjoy our alstroemeria longer!